Active Citizen Group gives a make-over to Greater Noida walls




Greater Noida, one of the largest industrial townships in Asia faces an unusual conundrum where no signboards were spared from being defaced by sticking poster and bills. Despite strict advertising policies, implemented by the authorities in the township which is shaping up at India’s smartest city, small business units, coaching centres, Paying Guest vacancies are flaunting the norms and sticking up billing on walls and hoarding everywhere in the city.

“No wall or signboard were spared, as these irking posters and bills would surface everywhere, says a local resident. “ This would tell upon the cleanliness of the area.”

Annoyed by this practice, a group of concerned citizen, known as ‘Active Citizen Team’, took up the responsibility give the city a make-over. They have started a campaign to remove all the posters that would deface the walls and signboards.

“But this would not be possible unless we inculcate the values of cleanliness among masses,” says Harinder Bhati, founding member of Active Citizens Group. “We would remove the posters but soon they would surface again next day.”

In order to tackle this issue and to sensitize the people, Active Citizens group, found a very pragmatic way which has been even more impactful that the much hyped ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ in the area. “We went to the people who have been defacing the walls and presented them with a flower bouquet. They felt ashamed and many of those have already joined us in our campaign,” says Sardar Manjeet Singh, president Active Citizens group.

The poster and bills would not only deface the city walls, it would also cover-up the important signboards. “It would get difficult for people who would visit from outside to find directions,” concerns Alok Singh.

Active Citizen Group’s poster clean-up drive to remove the vexing has been going on for past two weeks and has already been a huge success. “Today morning I was driving around and I saw many people were removing the posters by themselves,” Harinder says. “This makes us feel proud.”

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