An Interview with Rajeev Sharma Country Managing Director, G4S

Prerit Chauhan / Lokesh Goswami


New Delhi: Rajeev Sharma from G4S Got promoted as a Country Managing Director last year. Rajeev had a long and successful journey with G4S. Prior to his new role he was Managing Director of G4S India’s Secure Solutions business.

He demonstrated commendable professionalism and contributed significantly to the growth of the Secure Solutions portfolio in India. In the past he has also headed the cargo division for Kingfisher Airlines in India and accumulated worthy experience in the logistics space. He also brings with him knowledge of cross border acquisitions.

On Friday, Ten News Caught with the Dynamic man at a Private Security Industry Conclave 2018 organized by FICCI in New Delhi.

Speaking to Ten News about the Conclave he said,

“From the private security company perspective this is a very important Conclave. This is talking about the upscaling and talking about the job creations. As i’m sure people are aware and you are aware also, private security industries have one of the largest employers in the country. They Employ more than 7 million people in the country.”

Speaking about the skill development and job creation being the need of the hour he said,

“if you see clearly, India is one of the growing economies in the world today. If we continue to grow at same pace, with the government initiatives like Make in India, skill development etc. This all is growing because india want to become one of the biggest economies in the world.”

When asked about Policies like Arms act, FDI policy and Provident fund act and several other policies concerning private security industry? He said,

“There are two ways of doing it according to my understanding. What i believe one is, government is giving you support in upscaling people, that’s one aspect of the entire thing, the other aspects we should have own in-house training schools, where we need to have quality trainers, quality faculty who can train people internally”


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