BJP alleges Congress and Left parties on propagating fake intolerance in nation @fakeintolerance




Mob violence has threatened not just the Muslim community but also other minorities including Hindu castes in India, following that recently many protests happened in the entire nation.

Stating all these mob violences and intolerance, as a propaganda of Congress Party and left parties on Sunday in New Delhi, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, alleged that there is machinery working in propagating intolerance and mob lynching in the entire nation.


He further said that, it’s a conspiracy against Hindus of India and what is happening in Bengal is a deep rooted strategy against Hindus and without any significant proofs, Mamta Banerjee is alleging BJP for creating tension in the state.


He also criticised the working of Mamta Banerjee for eradicating several Hindi and Bengali words from school books.


He concluded the speech by saying that, the anti-BJP pitch has been here since the May 2014, however PM Narendra Modi will continue his efforts for development in the country.

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