Bollywood Celebs and Cricketers grace the ‘Naaz Celebration of Women Achievers of India’ function in New Delhi


Prerit Chauhan (Photo-Video) Lokesh Goswami

New Delhi : On Sunday Bollywood Celebs, cricketers and other well-known personalities came together to Celebrate Women Achievers of India in capital Delhi. It was a delightful Sunday by the presence of big stars from Bollywood, Cricket and other professions, who came along to celebrate the Women Achievers of India by the All India Mahila Empowerment Party. The entire event took place at The Lalit Hotel in Barakhamba Avenue. The main motive behind the celebration was to reward the women, who showed their incredible bravery in the face of some very dangerous situations and got neglected by society.

While interacting with media about the highlight of the evening, The Bollywood Celebs had there say. The Macho Man of Bollywood Sunil Shetty stated, “I am really proud that I am a part of such an occasion and yes it’s always true that behind every successful man there is a Woman, and what I believe that behind every successful man there are lots of Women that are Mother, Sister, Daughter, and Wife. Women are the strongest being.”

Salman Khan’s Younger brother Sohail Khan was also excited about the evening, he said, “I have two mothers, and I love them and respect them equally. We should always respect women.” The Tennis Sensation from India Sania Mirza said, “We should always appreciate Women Strength, hard work always shines whether it’s a men or women it doesn’t matter. People say and write a lot about empowerment but true empowerment comes from women.”

Talented Actress Huma Qureshi said, “We are here to greet the ladies, it’s really important to make society realize the actual place of Women. We should this cause, its true motivation.” Zeenat Amaan stated a message to all the women, “You are strong you are beautiful, you deserve the best. Just be what you are.”

Bobby Deol while asking about women empowerment said, “Things are changing nowadays, people’s thinking is changed, the most beloved person in my life is my Mother and I never ever thought that men and women are different from each other.”

Farah Khan as always seemed confident about the entire scenario of women, she said, “It’s since the start and always women are number one in every field. If I get information then I will definitely make a movie on such a concept.”

Neha Dhupia also shared similar and respectful thought about women empowerment. On the other hand, Athiya Shetty got a question regarding Nepotism, where she very smartly stated, “I won’t say anything about Nepotism, I think today we should talk about the proud event, our strength, and empowerment. Nothing about nepotism.” The Great Khali also shared his point of view regarding women, he told media, “Empowerment starts from home, I would say even housemates should not demotivate women, there is no difference between men and women,” he said

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