Congress demands action against the perpetrators of the Mandsour incident




New Delhi: Speaking to the media person at a press conference in New Delhi today, congress spokesperson Jyotiraditya Scindia has demanded action against the police officials who are involved in the killing of farmers in Mandsour, Madya Pradesh.

“Those who are involved in killing of unarmed farmers who were protesting for their right in Mandsour on June 6, must be brought to book,” he said.

While castigating the policy of the government towards the farmers, he said that BJP has been the most atrocious and apathetic towards the farmers. “June 6 will go down as the black day in the history of independent India. The apathetic policies of BJP have been forcing the farmers, who feed the entire nation, to commit suicide.”

Alleging the government of abdication of responsibility, he said, that the apathy and distrust of the present government towards the farmers is evident.

“The way government is providing cover to the perpetrators of Mandsour incident itself testifies for the anti-farmer approach of the government.”

Scindia also alleged that the inquiry commission that has been called to probe the incident that resulted in the death of six farmers is mere eyewash.

“If you look at the inquiry order, there is no mention to hold those accountable who shot dead six farmers.”


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