Delhi: Mission Buniyaad Kicked off to Help weak School Students!



New Delhi: Delhi deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister, Manish Sisodia on Monday said that to develop basic reading and mathematics skills on the school students of standard 3 to 8, the Education department is launching ‘Mission Buniyad’.

“To develop basic reading and mathematics skill between standard 3 to 8 student, we are launching ‘Mission Buniyad’ under which the government will give special training to those students who are unable to read their text books and do basic mathematics in May and July,” said Sisodia while addressing media here.

Referring to a recent National Achievement Survey (NAS) Manish Sisodia said that according to the survey which has published two weeks ago, more than 50 per cent of the school students are below than class appropriate ratio in India. “It means 50 per cent of the school students can’t read their text books and do basic mathematic skills, the similar situation is also in Delhi school students,” Said Sisodia.

To counter it, government is launching ‘Mission Buniyad’ in which all school students run by the Delhi government and MCD will be given special class in the month of May and June to boost their basic reading and mathematics skill.

“The school will prepare baseline assessment report of every child. And those students who failed to read their text books and do basic mathematics will be trained in May and June by the government. Moreover, the government will also deploy a mentor on every five schools who will keep an eye on the children’s development and their report,” said Education Minister Sisodia.

Later, Sisodia urged all the parents, to keep an eye on their children’s development. “Parent’s contribution is very important to make it possible. If your children are weak in studies then don’t go on summer vacation, send them to the special class, so, they can learn.” He added.

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