Digressed Youth Need Support and Counseling, Society Not serious About Mental Health

DIGRESSED YOUTH by Vanita Srinivas


In the last two weeks the city has swagged and staggered under the triple tragedy that struck us involving youngsters.
A 17-year-old girl was killed near a Rohini park allegedly by her school senior. Police claim that 19-year-old boy killed the girl as he did not like her speaking to other youths. The victim was a bright student and had 10 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) in Class 10. The boy and the girl had studied at the same private school , the girl was one year junior to him. On Wednesday evening, the boy confronted the girl while she was going to a coaching centre in Rohini Sector 17, not far from her home. They went into a park where they had an argument. They then moved to a narrow bylane nearby where they were involved in a scuffle during which boy caught her by the neck, killing her on the spot. Finding the girl lifeless, the boy panicked and rushed home, leaving her body on the spot.
In the second instance, The mother of a teenage boy in Kerala said her son died playing the dangerous and addictive Blue Whale Challenge online game, which the government banned recently. The game provokes players to do daring, self-destructive tasks for 50 days before taking the “winning” step of death by suicide. The player is asked to film and share photos after finishing each level as proof. The 16-year-old boy was found hanging from a ceiling fan of his home

In the third instance, A 24-year-old died after he lost control of his sport bike and slammed into a wall near the Mandi House metro station in Central Delhi. An elderly person was crossing the road. The speeding bike hit that person and lost control. It hit the wall of Lady Irwin college. The accident was captured by the helmet camera that one of his friends riding behind him wore. They found the damaged Benelli TNT 600i motorbike, pieces of glass and blood splattered on the road.

These three instances were miles apart from each other in nature but very similar in one aspect. In all these cases there is a clear indication of recklessness. The youth today doesn’t care for the consequences. The thrill is more important than will of conscious and sensible choice and decision. The life and its values are rendered insignificant when compared to material pleasures and inflated ego. There is a distinct disrespect for morals, rules and social fabric. The perception of youth has narrowed down to the extent that they die of suffocation. They are so dangerously self centered that they don’t even care how it will affect their parents in case of eventuality. The temperament is being destroyed at a menacing speed. Apart from the above quoted three instances there are several issues like drug addiction, materialistic approach and lack of perseverance, which point a finger towards the lack of substance in this generation. They have lost the strength to face failure. They are so used to comforts of life that even a minute failure upsets them and drives to an extreme effect. This is nothing but an emotional imbalance which zeroes their sensible judgments. The failure make you stronger provided you have the positivity and strength inside you. Persons with negativity are doomed in challenging situation.
Having made a candid observation of the situation, its mandatory to find the root cause. It’s the failure of the society to educate the children to be strong in character and inculcate good values. In our zeal to win the race of life we have conveniently forgotten about leading a good life and focused on the mad race. It’s the pressure of unrealistic expectations of society that has resulted in digression. To put the youth on right track we need to revisit the approach of curriculum in schools and colleges. The present curriculum covers history of India and world, discoveries and inventions, language and other social sciences. Although the curriculum is complete in itself, yet it is not instilling and infusing the desired values into the youth. It seems we should relook and change our perception about the interpretations of text book knowledge. When a student is being taught about the glorious past of India and the valour of kings and queens, it should also be impressed upon them that we are descendents of these brave people and we all should strive hard to be like them. Discoveries and inventions should be discussed in light of the necessities in the current situation in our country. Languages should be taught in way that its decency and goodness reflects in our everyday conversation.
The youth is full of energy to traverse far but they need a direction. Let us all make them competent and capable to do so. Let’s help them be strong, courageous and scrupled.

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