Dronacharya Student’s Exhibit their Innovative Models at GES Delhi 2017


Ashish Kedia

(20/04/2107) Greater Noida : On the last day of on-going Global Exhibition of Services at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida,  TEN NEWS visited the bustling pavilion of Dronacharya Group of Institution. Around ten groups of students have displayed various creative projects at stall. From water-filtration to assistance device for deaf-dumb or blind people, the enthusiastic students from different years and branches have created a plethora of amazing projects to display at the exhibition.

Dronacharya Group Institutes convener at the exhibition told us,“We just want to display what our students are developing at our institutes. It is a good platform for them to showcase their creations to a global audience”.

Students of the institutes CSC third year branch have developed a digitized locker project. Telling us more about the project Nishant explained,“Keeping up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital we have developed a system of digitizing the bank locker which works on an ATM kind of card and doesn’t requires manual  monitoring of the locker at times of withdrawal or deposits”.

Himanshu was part of a group that had developed a prototype to keep aquarium clean as well as monitor food consumption of fishes.

Another group has developed a smart pet collar that senses temperature as well as monitors the movement of a pet whenever the owner is away. It has been developed by Vikas, Javed and Aprateem.

A Speech to speech transporter that can help visually-impaired people to access different applications have been developed by four girls of Dronacharya’s Greater Noida branch including Vaishali, Prachi and Bhavna.

One of the most promising project of the pavilion was a low-cost water-filtration module explaining about which Manendra and Rajan said,“We have created this prototype of water-filtration system to deal with prevalent issue of unavailability of clean drinking water in India. Our model has three filtration steps which together make for a clean drinking water. This prototype model has cost us 725 INR, however in bulk manufacturing the cost will further go-down to 20-25%”.

There was also another prototype model dealing with issues of blind-dumb and deaf people. The prototype had sensors that might help them to deal with issues that they have to face on a day to day basis.

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