Elders and patients suffer as builder-defaulters tussle ensures no water-electricity in high rise AVJ Heights tower


Ashish Kedia

Thousands of residents of AVJ Heights Zeta-1 sector in Greater Noida are facing complete black-out since today morning. The issue pertains to a complicated tussle between some residents who have been defaulting in electricity/maintenance dues or both.

AVJ heights has a total number of 1888 units in 11 towers. Ten of these towers are functional and around 1200 families live in these towers as of date.

The Complicated Case of Complaints:

It is being said that many of the residents do not pay their electricity or maintenance dues whereas some don’t pay both. It is because of this tussle between these defaulters and builder that all other residents also had to suffer.

In the recent incident on Wednesday evening some staff from builder office went to cut power supply of the people who were bypassing the electricity connection or had long electricity dues. It is being alleged by residents that during this, the builder staff also misbehaved with some women residents of the society. Later the residents also filed complaint against these people for misbehaving with women members of the society.

However the builder claims it to be a diversionary tactic to skip from clearing the dues. As of now police is investigating the matter and the clear truth can only be fathomed after it.

Innocent Residents Agonized

As part of this ongoing confusion, chaos and complaint battle between the two parties all other residents of AVJ Heights are also suffering badly.

AVJ height has multiple towers having 18 to 21 floors. As lift isn’t working and their is complete adversity of water, people are forced to suffer badly in this scorching heat.

Most badly hit are the children, women and elders. Residents who have elderly patients or pregnant ladies in their homes are particularly worried about this ongoing logjam. Residents are pleading for timely intervention of concerned authorities for earliest resolution of this issue.


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