Exclusive Interview with SIAM Deputy Director General Sugato Sen on Auto Expo 2018!


(11/02/2018) Greater Noida :
Auto Expo 2018 is such a grand event what all goes behind its preparation and what are the challenges in organizing it?
We had started planning very early around 2017. We approached the companies who are eager to participate at very early stage and registrations are done very initially. We have different teams for different works. This time we had created different conceptual and experience zone like one in Hall number 12 and this was entirely our own concept and we are keen to offer more for our visitors and exhibitors every year.

There is pavilion which is promoting the usage of genuine parts of automobile ? Could you tell us more about this campaign ?
At the expo we had installed a board for taking pledge that we will not use fake products. Not only this but we are also providing facility for the visitors for experiencing the difference between genuine and fake products as they can purchase both the  products but the quality is very different and it also causes mishaps fatal for users. There is also a Pavilion named future decoded  where we are displaying virtually and explaining what are electric cars , autonomous vehicle , connected car as now a day people are talking about it. We also have a section with 70 years of Indian automobile journey on displays which portrays evolution in Indian motor segment from 1947 to 2017 .
We have artist section as well where car is the canvas for the artist on which they paint it’s a very new concept and people are also appreciating it. Hence there is something for everyone at this expo.
As we are seeing that there is lot of focus on electric vehicle and hybrid technology so what do you think about it?
Yes India has started the discussion in this direction. Government is also talking about and trying to set a target that in a particular period of time we have some percentage of vehicular traffic that will be electric. We are sure that in future more of our public transport will also be electric . Keeping up with this concept here we are showcasing that all the SIAM members are getting ready and this is going to be the future of Indian mobility.
Its happening 3rd time in greater Noida so what’s your experience ?
More than my experience what matter is the public experience. I think people in India had not seen this kind of grand motor show as this is an international level of venue as compared to pragiti maidan . There are also a lot of visitors who are  visiting the expo and enjoying the event
A lot of foreign delegations are also visiting the event to know the scale and complexity of such massive event, so whats your comment on the same?
Yes , actually they all are friends from all around the globe. This motor show has become ‘A’ class motor show as OICA had given it this appreciable ranking. Hence we are all proud of this and we hope that the scope and reach of this show keeps on increasing with every edition.

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