We are following 1928 police regulations which have never been translated in Hindi exposes IG Amitabh Thakur

NOIDA : Ig Rules and Manuels Uttar Pradesh AMaitabh Tahkur today visited Gautam Buddha Nagar and spoke with various field officials to get real feedback.

After the meetings he said, “I had a discussion with different police officers on what kind of improvements and amendments are required in police regulations. It was very necessary to obtain Feedback from field officers”.
He also confessed that Police regulation isn’t being used in field. Many officers have almost forgotten it. We need to assure that further training is imparted.
IAS Amitabh Thakur also confessed, “Police regulation was made in 1928. It is still in English and their has been no official translation in Hindi. There are also many such provisions which have turned useless with time.
Giving an example he said, “There is a rule that chowkidaars must be assigned when President or Governor who travel by train. In modern times we very well know that no Governor or President is going to travel by train yet the law remains”.
Talking of downisde of the same IG Amitabh Thakur said, “Many fast crimes of modern times such as one of Prime Noida issue that pertains to builder crime can not be fathomed at that time hence their is no such provision in law and order Manuale”.
Known for his upright and honest behavior and being the same officer who once lodged an FIR against Mulayam during Akhilesh government, IG Amiatbah Thakur minced no words in accepts faults at home. He said, “I was shocked to see that a lot of police officer didn’t knew at all police regulation. I have a vision that Crime Branch should improve to  a level that case should not be transferred to CBI but people demanding CBI should ask for a police inquiry. Rules regulations aren’t well known to field officers and obviously it impacts their capacity to tackle crime”.
He signed off with a smile and optimism. A smile that not many can have after making such honest confessions on record.

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