Hackathon’s are amazing platform to get months work done in days claims Rishikesh Utpat, VP-Digital Channels, Barclay’s



Speaking at a #FinTechX session today Rishikesh Utpat, Vice-President of Digital Channels in Barclay’s said, “Barclay’s have created an open platform to engage with FinTech and it is getting us great ideas. We have seven global centres now and FinTech is a major part of this growth story now”.

Speaking about the importance of tech-exercises such as Hackathon he said, “Through hackathon the solution that could have taken years to develop was done within 36 hours. Obviously we did have to do fine-tuning and make it before customized but even then we were done within months and saved time”.

Talking about a very innovative mode that had clicked very well for the company he said, “We also worked into a gamification model in which we had an animation that would grow together with investment. It clicked well and we had a plethora of clients who were competing with each other and the concept actually worked very well in African country continent”.

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