IIM Raipur Director, Dr. Bharat Bhasker’s Success Mantra: Be Ready for the Change



New Delhi: Professor Bharat Bhasker erstwhile acting Director of Indian Institute of Management Lucknow took charge as the director of Indian Institue of Management (IIM) Raipur last year. Prof Bhasker is from the IT and Systems department at IIM Lucknow and his areas of expertise include Data Management, Network Security and Software Engineering. He was also the acting Director at IIM Lucknow in 2015.

Prior to joining IIM Raipur, Prof. Bhasker spent 11 years working in the leading research establishments in USA. Dr. Bhasker spent seven years with Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA in leading research and research management positions. His research contributions in Heterogeneous distributed database management systems, Heterogeneous distributed information management, Information retrieval from mass repositories, and Network Information Retrieval protocols won him a NASA’s Best Research Productivity Award in 1992 in recognition of the research contributions.

Dr. Bhasker was member of the High Performance Computer and Communications (HPCC) initiative of the NASA that lead to the Information Superhighway project. He worked for four years with MDL Information Systems and Sybase Inc., California, USA and was the architect of the massively parallel DBMS, Sybase MPP.

Ten New caught up Exclusively with Dr. Bharat Bhasker at NHRDN 6th Human Capital Conclave 2018 in New Delhi. Speaking to Ten News about the conclave Dr. Bhasker Said, “This Conclave is a very timely Conclave. Today HR Functioning is changing world wide. We are sitting at a cusp of a change which is likely to transform the whole working force around the world.”

When asked about technology playing part in IIM, Prof Bhasker said, “In IIM we are doing two things, one is preparing managers of future which enable with this type of technology or prepare for the future for building a new talent geared for the future. Second part is happening is reaching out the companies worldwide now.”

Giving his success mantra for the young and budding businessman and entrepreneurs, Dr. Bhasker said, “Be Ready for the change. What are your learning today will obsolete in next 3″ years at most, if your lucky it can be 5 years. So be ready for the change what you are learning here is learning to continuously learn.”

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