Jio Greater Noida Centre: Ground Staff makes mockery of Ambani’s Connect India mission


During launch of Reliance JIO, RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani had said that JIO will remain customer obsessed and we will strive to offer best of services to each and every one of Reliance JIO consumers.

However few months after its launch a simple ground examination reveals major loop-holes in Greater Noida centre this new age digital initiative of India.

Pathetic Support Service of Jio in Greater Noida:

Greater Noida is considered one of the most high-tech cities of North India. Its proximity to Noida/Delhi together with serene open living spaces makes it the chosen residential hub of many central government employees, private workforce as well as industrialist fraternity. Greater Noida is also an educational hub. However despite all these Reliance JIO facility in the city is as untraceable as possible.

The nearest and only Reliance JIO Centre in Greater Noida is more than 4 kilometres away from city’s landmark and centre point “Pari-chowk”. Even after covering the distance and going all the way outside the city, it is extremely hard to trace the store.  After somehow locating it one would realize, that the location of the ‘digital revolution store” seems more appropriate for a forest resort instead a digital products customer care centre.

No Time for Work

As if this all isn’t sufficient enough to traumatize a consumer, the support and service efficiency of the store employees presents a case study of callousness in itself. When one of our team members visited the Reliance JIO office around 4:15 PM the work has closed already. The mentioned time on the website is between 10 to 5 however it was informed that most people wind-up at around 5.

Later when a consumer came to get a Reliance JIO SIM reissued he was asked to furnish an FIR. The consumer said that he had spoken to customer care before coming and they had just asked him to come with Aadhar card and address proof. However the team lead insisted on not giving the sim without mandatory FIR. Later the consumer also opened the website and showed the employee about SIM reissue rules mentioned on the portal, the employee somehow relented and agreed to issue the SIM.

We also spoke to few other customers present at the Reliance Jio store, who all had the similar bad experience stories to share. Most people were unanimous that JIO store of the city functions as if it was some badly managed government office, where you can’t get any work done in single visit.

Trivia : Even after somehow getting new SIM re-issued when a customer that we know arrived back at his home, he received a call that informed him that he was given a wrong SIM.


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