Jio smartphone stands sturdy on booking counters, consumers delight mobile oulets


Ashish Tiwari

Since from the inception of Jio smartphone, it has been a subject of debate and became a point of attraction for the several consumers, while talking to a smartphone expert Mohit Arora who is also a proprietor of mobile retail outlet ‘Telepathy ‘ in Cannaught place, told the insights of the phone. 

Talking about the numbers of booking since Thursday evening, he said, fom the time when we started booking Jio smartphone , we had done a Pre-Booking from 1144 prospective customers. In the last 2 days however, since we are collecting Rs.500 for booking, we have done 788 bookings respectively.

Speaking on the customers overwhelming response  towards the smartphone,  he said consumers are excited and eagerly waiting the launch of the phone. For a mere Rs.1500 security deposit, they are getting features on par with starting range of smartphones. The queries have been immense and almost on par with the excitement which was evident when the Jio Sim was launched.

Commenting on the Jio Smartphone overall experience till now,  he was of thought that, Very much like the Jio Sim redefined the services side of telecom business, Jio Phone is expected to redefine the entry level devices business. The sheet volumes are expected to be at a level that it would help Jio add lakhs of customers and ensure good profitability for its partners.

Phone includes some stunning features at a very fair cost including 18 indian languages, front and back camera, expandable memory upto 128gb, works on voice commands and many more.

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