LG green endeavor on World Environment Day, coincides with UN’s Beat Plastic Pollution initiative globally!


All major human activity is pursued using the bounties of nature. Humans for centuries, have used natural resources for building their progressive futures. Many a times however, they have done so without taking into consideration the harmful effects of over consuming these resources without having done much to replenish them. We are at a stage of development must take responsible actions to contribute in whatever way for safeguarding the environment for future generations. Any positive step in this direction is commendable and must be encouraged by humans. LG Electronics understands this concern very well and keep initiating activities that contributes in resolving key environment issues and sustainability of resources.

LG Electronics India recently conducted a clean-up drive near its Greater Noida facility in line with United Nation’s ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ global initiative. The clean-up activity is also a reflection of LG’s commitment to resolving key environmental challenges.

In Greater Noida, where the brand’s India operations is headquartered, LG’s employees came together to carry out a number of activities, including planting trees. In addition, the activity saw LG’s employees cleaning the park near the facility, in addition to painting old structures. More than 100 employees participated in this drive. This was a part of 24-hour relay programme organized by LG Korea in which more than 10 countries participated.

As part of this initiative, LG employees including the senior management took a pledge to protect the environment and making eco-friendly choices to further contribute to a greener world.

The cleanliness drive also coincides with LG’s completion of 21-year celebrations in the country. Apart from designing and developing energy-efficient products to its consumers, the leading consumer electronics brand has been making relentless efforts at protecting the environment and saving resources for future generations.


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