Mayapuri Industrial estate turns into Pool of Mud even after light showers



The asphalted roads can’t prevent the roads and alleyways of Mayapuri industrial area in west Delhi from turning into a muddy puddle. With millions of tons of rusty metal from vehicles, scrap and junk lining both sides of the lanes, the commuters face conundrum of walking through a pool of rusty mud lying all over the area.

The traders complain, after a small spell of rain, the entire area gets submerged and turns into a mood-pool. Even though government had constructed drains as a de-watering mechanism but that has not been maintained for years.  The blockade has caused the contamination of water, lying stagnant in the middle of the roads, streets and alleyways.

In the residential areas of Mayapuri, the people live vulnerably with a threat of exposure to several diseases that may breed in the stagnant waters. The muddy puddle has engulfed the entire area and authorities are turning a deaf ear towards the issue.

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