#SukmaAttack : Condemnation isn’t enough Mr. PM, Is our military prowess only for 26th January parade?


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A naxalite-attack on road-opening party of CRPF men resulted in martyrdom of 25 brave soldiers and critically injured six others. The attack happened when 100 CRPF personnel’s were guarding road workers at this dense Maoist-infiltrated region. Most of the 25 CRPF men killed in this attack are said to be having lunch at the time of attack.

If having lunch in your own land, in your own country, can get you killed, there must be something seriously wrong with the whole system?

The cowardly attack was led by 300 member’s strong Maoist party, which also had gun-wielding women among them. The nation is in shock and people are demanding answers.

The attack hasn’t happened in any volatile border area but well within the demography of our nation’s sovereign and Independent soil. The enemy came from within our own India, killed brave sons of this soil and again vanished in our own forests.

Twenty five soldiers have lost their lives. Twenty five families have been left with a questionable future.

Army band will once again give music to a sad tune and twenty five pyres will be burned. In weeks to come, these martyrs will as much remain a part of our memory as are Uri martyrs or Siachen brave hearts today.

The looming question is, “Will this vicious cycle ever stop”?

Yesterday when unarmed Airforce helicopters were landing in maoist stronghold to offer immediate rescue to injured soldiers, there was huge risk of insurgents opening fire. Yet nothing could dwindle their strong resolute to help their fallen brothers. This proves if need be our Armed forces aren’t going to think twice of any risk when fighting for their motherland.

Yet, their guns have political locks. Their hands are tied by those whose understanding of war-situation is limited to briefings in well-guarded Air conditioned rooms.

Few days back we all became witness to a video from Kashmir valley where another soldier trying to protect EVM was subjected to kicks and punches of ‘misguided’ youths.

These realities of ‘Saare Jahan Se Accha’ India cannot be ignored anymore.

We do acknowledge that our home minister and honourable Prime Minister have strongly condemned this ghastly attack. They have also assured that their sacrifice won’t go in vain and due retaliation will follow. We do hope that these words will come true.

However, patience isn’t exactly a virtue during times of such cowardly gorilla-warfare tactics.

Will our political masters be able to muster a will to let our arms and ammunition’s be used where they are required.

Is honorable PM’s ‘New India’ dream free of stone-pelters and home-grown Naxalites?

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