Modi’s alleged masterstroke turns out to be fake news, though people pitch for making it real

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Appreciating the Union Government’s​ step of asking to link property to Aadhar and digitisation of land records, several news portals reported the news in a very positive manner and credited the Modi government of achieving another goal. However,  Union government made a clarification on the issue and termed it as a fake letter. 

Nonetheless social media users and eminent citizens of society have appreciated this as an innovative idea worth implementation and lot of people hope that it can become a reality given the strong resolve of PM Modi to fight corruption and black money in India.

A vocal and active citizen of Noida Rajiv Goel said”This can be same as was done during demonetisation … better if people having trouble to show legally all their properties, sell it in advance or donate it in the name of charities … as in Benami Act property will be seized as well as penalty will be imposed and award of Jail term”.

He further added, “Modi is spinner like Muralidharan, no one knows which way things will turn”.

As of now press statement of the Union Government said the letter attributed to cabinet Secretariat on digitisation of land records and subsequent linking of the same to Aadhar being widely circulated in the sections of social media is totally fake and mischievous.
PIB spokesperson, Frank Noronha also added that a police complaint has been filed in this issue  and probe has been initiated in the matter.

Editor Speak : Ten News is of the opinion that all the state Govts should adopt measures to re register all properties with marginal stamp duty and link all properties with Aadhar. it will help income tax departments to ascertain the persons with disproportionate assets with regard to their income . It will also have huge impact on reducing real  estate prices especially in making homes affordable .

This will also help in equal distribution of all immovable properties to some extent.

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