Most start-up’s focusing on balance sheet instead of Innovation says Rahul Khanna, founder, Trifacta Capital




Rahul Khanna, founder Trifecta Capital said,”There has been a lot of noise in FinTech lately. The focus in now shifting into consumer finance”.

Talking about his expertise domain area said, “As credit providers we are worried that through this consolidation we are not still able to find the actual winner. So it is a challenge that we are facing in this time of competition”.

Rahul also had a word if caution for new age entrepreneurs who he said, “Companies are now becoming capital hungry very soon. They are being focused on balance sheets more other then creating a compatible model”.

He also said the basic three points that need focus are,
1. Lack of differentiation.
2. Financial lending models are still unproven.
3. Fundamental question around the financial structure.

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