Neighbours CCTV solves Burari Mystery, Know all shocking details here :

Ashish Kedia

The CCTV camera which was installed in front of the house overlooking the road has now provided conclusive details to the Delhi police. It has confirmed the initial suspicion of this being a self-infected mass suicide done under the influence of some overtly uncommon superstition.


In the video footage that have been accessed by Delhi police, it can be seen that the stools that were used for committing suicide were brought by the elder daughter in law to the house. She seemed to have borrowed these five plastic stools and has brought the stack inside the house  around 10 PM on the fateful night.


The two kids Dhruv and Shubham later walk inside the main door with the wires that would be later used to hang all the family members.  As all these activities are being carried out by different family members voluntarily and in coordination with each other, the suspicion of it being a planned murder by some outsider is completely eradicated.
The only last outsider to visit the house is a delivery man who delivers 20 roti’s to the occupants around 11:00 PM after which the house dog is taken on a short walk by one of the brothers.


The Mysterious Diaries :

There are 11 diaries ranging from 2007 to 2018. It has now been revealed that all of these details that transpired on the fateful night are shockingly mentioned in the diary of the elder son Lalit as well.


On 30th June the diary says that today is important day and on preceding night of Saturday and Sunday the family has to do the final ritual.


The diary mentions that the widowed daughter has to hang at a different place near the temple whereas 9 people have to be on the Jaal of the house.


The diary entry later says that one designated person will tie all the members who will also later untie all of them. This very significant detail reveals that the family member actually believed that they will be still alive after some heavenly help.


Hence it is now clear that the family actually called death upon themselves by their own superstition. This was neither a murder and nor a mass-suicide but a confusion that made a family lose their precious life.
(News report entirely based on CCTV details as shared by Delhi police with a news outlet)

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