As New CEO Takes Charge, Here are the Biggest Challenges he must prioritize in Noida

Ashish Kedia


Since after change in Uttar Pradesh state government New Okhla Industrial Development Authority or Noida Authority is witnessing third Senior Official taking its command.

Since after March 2017, Senior IAS Official Deepak Agarwal and Amit Mohan Prasad has been the CEO of Noida followed by incumbent Senior IAS official Alok Tandon who took charge on 9 September 2017.

Enhancing online grievance readdressal system : Presently IGRS system of issues pertaining to Noida authority, immediately closes the complaints by giving exuberant time period for resolution of complaints. People receive immediate replies within minutes and hours, where the complaints aren’t resolved, but are considered close. If IGRS becomes functional most other issues can be resolved through it.

Checking project delays and fixing responsibility: Be it Noida Sector-18 market’s much awaited multi-level parking or a FOB in sector-61 area, multiple projects in Noida are facing long delays. Multiple factors are contributing towards. A direct intervention from the top most official of Noida Authority might create very positive difference in this problem.

Builder-Buyers Logjam: Although this herculean problem of Noida is now being addressed with direct intervention of a high level three-ministerial panel but Noida authority has still a major role to play. The solution that has been proposed by the panel includes identifying co-developers about which NA has to take lead. Also given how long this problem has now adversely affected thousands and thousands of families, NA needs a very strict and practical policy to deal with defaulting builders.

Contracts must be time bound and the defaulters must be penalized.

Sewage and Garbage Issues: The way Noida became a poor-reflection of Venice after two hours of Rain in late July, shows how much the city lacks when it comes to sewage cleanliness. The rain water accumulated in large amounts on roads, entered shops, offices and flats and put the whole life off-track in Noida. Traffic Jam lasted for multiple hours. For any near-disaster of this scale to be avoided in future, the authority has to have a well-laid plan for sewage cleaning.

Garbage collection, dumping and treatment remain another major issue. A drive on outside periphery of Noida Stadium might be a good way to face the brutal reality of cleanliness situation in Noida. Also sanitation workers keep going on strike at regular intervals. We hope top Noida official makes sanitation a priority and find out a way to resolve garbage and sewage issues.

Street Light Issue: Noida Authority has no products for repairing street lights. RWA’s have to purchase products themselves & give to authority contractors for repairing. Even then most street lights are functional in city.

Traffic Problem: Noida Traffic Police with its limited resources needs increased support of NA to regulate traffic in better way. A better coordination between the two and fast procurement of equipment’s required by NTP might go long way in clearing Noida Traffic Mess.


Last but not the least; Noida Authority again needs to become more people friendly and easily accessible. Popular social media forums like watsapp groups and twitter need to be put to use to reach out to people. Not so long ago, a very proactive Nodal officers was appointed at Ten News Noida whatsapp group who would note problem of eminent Noida citizens, RWA office bearers and FONRWA representatives present at the group and would resolve them at real time. The practice stopped after transfer of concerned DCEO and is greatly missed by Noida citizens.

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