Noida Authority reduces number of guards, crores saved from taxpayers money


Ashish Kedia

Number of private security guards hired by Noida authority might shock anyone. A private security agency had appointed 800 guards for Noida authority alone. These guards have been working with the authority for last five years.

However now CEO Amit Mohan Prasad has taken cognizance of the matter and has decided to reduce the number of guards to half. CEO Amit Mohan Prasad said, “It has come to notice that many of these guards were not even doing there duties as specified to them. A lot of them wouldn’t even report to their posts but draw salary. Hence the decision has been taken to reduce the number of unimportant security guards”.

420 Guards Removed from Job:

From this month onwards authority has decided to do without the services of 420 security guards, which have been termed as non-essential. According to a rough estimate this will save around 1.5 crore rupees of authority every month.

However security agency claims that it has a contract with Noida authority and it can not be terminated in between.

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