Noida land Allotment Scam: SC uphelds Neera Yadav’s Conviction


Ashish Kedia

Noida (02/08/2017) : Former Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh Neera Yadav’s conviction has been upheld by Supreme Court, which awarded her two years of prison in the case. Another IAS officer Rajiv Kumar has also been convicted with sentence of two years in prison.

The verdict was given after a PIL pointed to grave illegalities in the allotment and conversion of land plots. The petition said that several people had been initially allotted plots at various locations, but got bigger plots in better areas after conversion and payment of charges.

Former UP Chief Secretary Neera Yadav also later joined BJP in 2009 in presence of Rajnath Singh. She was convicted after a PIL indicated mass irregularities in allotment of land in Noida. It was brought to light that many small plot allottes were benefited with bigger and better plots after conversion and payment of some charges.

Noida Entrepreneurs Association had filed a writ petition in this regard in 1997 where it was alleged that Neera Yadav as authority Chairman indulged in giving personal favour in allotment of land in different sectors and commercial sector 18.

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