Noida A Smart City – A cruel joke


By Rajiv Goyal

Someone must be joking while putting Noida as Smart city even on papers

Previous governments & their officers have only looted this city .. like Mughals & Britishers .. else there was no reason to make this city a place better than Singapore

Parks developed in BSP regime , though allegedly very high level of corruption, left unattended in SP govt; but surprisingly who is stopping to put these parks to use for citizens and to even to utilise it commercially to generate revenue

Forget law & order, NA could have atleast constructed, national level Police stations & CCTV infra with control room

Surprisingly, worldwide N-2 concept is followed for electricity safety of city, Noida is having N+1 system. Where is the need for 6-8 hr power cuts for shifting one high voltage line.

Even today TM & other such things not possible without greasing arms; if someone will try, so many issues will be made by concerned officer

Garbage dumping , which could have been source of income , is done to make people unhealthy

The healthcare & education system is completely in private hands , left to loot public , without mercy

Encroachment on roads seems to be an issue bigger than Doklam matter

Sector 18 market which could have a tourism place for foreigners is designed pathetically; and yes , I want to recommend Padam Shri to Officer who has designed Electricity Distribution system of market.

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