Saveer Biotech Introduces India’s Largest Biotechnology Centre in Greater Noida

Saurabh kumar


6/3/2018        Saurabh Kumar


Now a day’s food safety has become a concerning issue for all of us who care about what we eat. Mostly the vegetables, fruits and crops we eat are filled with toxic chemicals, preservatives and traces of chemical pesticides and insecticides. This is one of the biggest reasons of increasing health hazards and diseases.

To counter this problem Saveer Biotech which is having one of the India’s largest private sector Horticulture Technology Center in Greater Noida did a press conference and showcased some of their innovative Horticulture techniques.

Dr Sanjay Sudan, Director of Saveer Biotech Limited detailed about the Hydroponic system. Hydroponic is a technology for growing plants in the nutrient solution like water and fertilizers and no need of soil and with or without the use of artificial medium to provide mechanical support. This technology can be used in the topography where lands have become barren, scarcity of water or climatic conditions are not favorable for plants cultivation.

In their Greater Noida system they had focused over Tomato, seedless Cucumber, and lettuce. Taste wise they are also better as they get proper Nutrition as compared to normal plants. To ensure proper supply of nutrition to the plants center has Computerised  Fertilization Center where machine automatically prepare the mixture of water and fertilizers as per the need of different plants and then it is channelised  to the plants through a network of water pipes.

Students and farmers can also visit the center for the training as there are different training sessions being organized by the centre. Today also a delegation of students of North east from Mewar University, Rajasthan had visited the center as the part of their study tour.

Lastly Dr Sanjay Sudan told that this sector has a great potential and government should also work in this direction that it can be introduced to farmers on a large scale as it’s also a matter of concern for health of the country.

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