TechSpark2017: All About The Mega Tech Fest Happening In GNIOT




Ten News Team today visited the ongoing tech-fest in GNIOT and spoke with Institute Director Drr. Rohit Garg and Fest In-charge Professor Rajdev Tiwari. We also had student coordinators of the fest to share their views with us.

Ten News: Tell us about TechSpark 2017, the three day tech fest going on in GNIOT?

Dr.Rohit Garg: Today is the second day of the event and we are happy to organize what is a mega tech fest in the region. We are happy to give a platform to the student so that they can perform, they can excel and they can create some innovation. They can come on a platform wherein students can excel themselves in various ideas and innovations.

Prof. Rajdev Tiwari: We teach a lot of things in the curriculum but apart from curriculum we require certain more skills into students. Whenever it comes to placement or whenever it comes to innovations that are expected from the student side, they learn and various skills are brushed up through these kinds of activities only.

Dr. Rohit Garg: We are happy to announce that today we are having more than 1200 registrations from 23 colleges of complete NCR regions. From Gazhiabad, Noida as well as DU colleges student teams have come to participate here.


Ten News: What activities are being organized as part of this event in GNIOT?

Prof. Rajdev Tiwari: First day we had fluid mechanic activity which was the rocket launcher, robot race where boats participated in racing activity. There were hurdles which boats had to cross to win the race. There was quiz, debates, idea for change, bridge building and tomorrow we have some literary events also. We have creative writing, extempore etc. also.

Student Coordinator: We have activities for students of all branches. We have momentum, for Cs we have debugging, backtrack, gaming events such as counter-strike. We have spell-bee competition also.

Prof. Rajdev Tiwari: We are also organizing mock parliament tomorrow.

Student Coordinator: There are more than 40 entries for mock parliament from 5 different colleges of Delhi/NCR. There are fun events also such as beg, borrow, steals. We also had clash of clans, mini-militia kind of gamin events as well.

Dr. Rohit Garg: In totality there is a complete package of event for students. They have gaming vents, literary events, technical events, fun events everything.

Ten News: How do you think these co-curricular activities help students?

Dr. Rohit Garg: For all round development of the students these co-curricular activities are very much required from the students. In this global competitive market, everybody wants something extra from the students. Only won’t do, only degree can’t help. So if someone wants to crack an interview or wants to be a successful entrepreneur or succeed in any way in life, they have to extra qualities as well. So these co-curricular activities help students to develop in that area.

Prof. Rajdev Tiwari: These fests have two aspects. Those who are organizing the fest are learning about managing events. Those who are participating are definitely working in team and are learning about team work. They are learning to coordinate and make things work.

Overall it’s a fun learning event!

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