Two days Cyber training program concludes in Gurgaon




Police officials of Gurgaon commissionaire converged on old CP office auditorium on 28th and 29th April 2017 to be trained by Cyber specialists of Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, Digital Investigation and Evidence and Cyber Law matters. This program was conducted by Centre for Research on Cyber Crime and Cyber Law in association with Haryana Police and good corporate citizens.

It was a two days rigorous training and being organized as a service to the common man, businesses and professionals under corporate social responsibility initiative.

The program saw the participation of differentent branches and police thana officals including many SHOs and ACPs were present as part of the training. CP Gurgaon shri Sandeep Khirwar was present and took the feedback and disclosed that more such sessions will be held in near future. He also emphasized that he is constantly making effort to start a cyber thana in Gurgaon on an urgent basis keeping in mind the interest of business , industry and others.

Cyber Expert, Anuj Aggrawal told Ten News that, it was a series of progams where across the country more than 1000 police personnel have been trained by us.

He further said that, cyber crime is increasing day by day and is currently estimated at 400 billion US Dollar worldwide. The cyber criminals are educated, intelligent and hidden and do not leave physical traces behind for police to trace them.

In this two program police officials were explained about the real cyber crime attacks like hacking of data, ranso,ware attacks on business and public utilities and how the critical infrastructure like defence, banking telecom can be affected by cyber crime, he added.

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