Violence hit Mahagun Moderne residents question police efficiency, claim private Security saved the day

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What transpired today at Mahagun Moderne society of Noida could shock anyone living in a civilized society. Unruly mobs of hundreds went on a complete ruckus inside a gate community, which elsewise are considered safer adobes in the city.

Ten News today evening visited the Mahagun Moderne society and spoke to few people who have witnessed the traumatic incident of morning.

The views of residents were unanimous in calling this as one of the biggest law and order lapse of administration.

One resident said, “The police response was pathetic. It is true that some police force arrived as soon as mob started entering the gates however the amount of damage that they were able to do inside the society and could even manage to reach and destroy the complainants flat is itself a testimony of how inefficient the initial police party was”.

Another one added, “Given the number of miscreants we continuously pledged with the police officer present to call for more force, though they told us to do it ourself. Finally when the more senior officials and police force arrived, the worst had already passed”.

He added, “Morning 8 is the time when shift of our private guard changes so it that moment society had double the amount of force, they combined with some active citizens of society somehow managed to push back the violent mob. Police was more or less just a silent witness during the whole ruckus. They became active only when senior officials arrived and it was pretty late by then. If things would have left on mercy of our lawful protectors, the family that these miscreants wanted to attack would have had a very bad fate”.

Though there is police patrol and PRV vehicles posted outside people still fear about their safety in the area. Society residents demand for establishing a police booth in the area as the nearest one is too far for any prompt response.

Amid all talks and claims of people friendly policing, strict law and order as well as state regimes most vocal poll promise of “ending Gundaraj” the things on ground don’t seem to be changing much.

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