Yamuna Authority Chairman Formulates New Strategy to Check Wrongful Profiteering during Jewar Airport Land Acquisition

Ashish Kedia



(24/10/2017) Greater Noida: Since after the Jewar Airport Land project has accelerated after the change in state regime, the land rates in the area have also risen exponentially.

However there are people who have the earliest knowledge of this project since 2007 and have made land purchases and nominal rates to benefit from government land acquisition at later period.

Now that the project is finally at the stage of commencement, YEIDA Chairman Dr. Prabhat Kumar has devised an innovative strategy to pass on the monetary benefits to rightful owners i.e the farmers of the region.

As per new mandate, the plot owners who have purchased the land in last three years will get only 60% of land compensation price whereas 40% of the price will be given to farmer from whom the land has been purchased.

It must be recalled that in the year 2012 the then SP government had shelved the Jewar Airport project, however since after the formation of BJp government in the state the project development work again started at a rapid pace.

Many people have in the period purchased land marked for Airport development from the unsuspecting farmers at very cheap rates so that they can make profits during the development of the airport. However with this new order of YEIDA Chairman, the investors will have to do away with 60% of compensation price.

Different processes of Jewar Airport development project are underway and Industrial development commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey is also going to convene a high level meeting in this regard on 25th October.






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