YEIDA leads in transparency, will go completely digital in few months


Ashish Kedia

Greater Noida (15/07/2017) : Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has decided to completely go paper less in next few months. The plan is to shift the complete official proceedings of YEIDA to E-office concept by 15th August or 2nd October.

Project started long ago:

The process for digitization of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority had begun in February 2016 itself. Authority officials inform, “The concept was adopted as a pilot project and was first implemented in personnel department. About 40,000 files are required to be scanned for the project out of which 30,000 have already been scanned. We hope the process will be done by time of the soft launch”.

Will bring transparency, end red tape

It is being expected that E-office concept will help everyone in keeping a real time tab on the status of their files concerned with YEIDA. It will not only bring the much required transparency but would also help in curbing corruption and red tape.

YEIDA already has a file tracking system, RTI application tracking system, government order tracking system etc. on its website. Now with whole office moving online and every file being digitally available, the transparency in this industrial authority will become a glaring example worth following.

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