’The FM was under pressure to meet PM’s demands of a transformational budget : Shravan Kumar Sharma

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‘The  FM was under pressure to meet  PM’s demands  of a transformational  budget;his answer was an ambitious  plan to boost  spending  on new  roads,power plants and railways,generating  employment  and to create  a friendly  environment  for investors ‘That is how the budget  has been described  by the  Hindustan  Times.Will creating  new  infrastructure  is not going  to help the old and neo middle  class?If there  are  new  investments  will it not enhance the prospects of getting a better job and more money?Middle class spends substantial  amount  of its income on education of the  children.If new jobs  are  not created  in future  what  your  children  will do?I don’t  find  any space  vacant  in ac restaurants  of Delhi on most of the days and you  pay  a big tip to the  waiters so  cribbing  a small increase  in service  tax is really  perplexing. You must  know  the sevice tax is not applicable  on a non ac restaurant.

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