5 Things to Remember while Renting a PG Accommodation in Vadodara

Vadodara, the 3rd largest city of Gujarat is home to many educational institutes, is a commercial hub, and is also well connected via road, rail and air. Being a cosmopolitan city with good infrastructural facilities it has become a popular destination among the millennial population. Another factor that makes it a popular choice amongst both students and professionals is that the crime rate is very low, especially when it comes to women’s safety.

With the influx of students and young professionals coming to Vadodara the demand for accommodation has increased.  With rental values appreciating continuously, the concept of Paying Guest accommodation is fast gaining popularity. Though, there is no shortage of PGs in Vadodara, being away from home in a new city, looking for the right place to stay can be a very time consuming and difficult task.

Here are some of the things you should remember while renting a PG accommodation:


One of the main things you should keep in mind is the budget. When you are moving into a new city then affordability is the biggest issue. Once you have fixed your budget half your problems are solved. One of the best ways of looking for PG accommodation is do an online search. It will save you the hassle of going through brokers.

Location and Locality:

Choose a locality from where public transport is easily available and commuting to different parts of the city is not a problem. It should be close to your educational institute or office and should be easily accessible to the main road. The locality should have facilities like hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment zones, banks, ATMs, Fitness Centers amongst other things.

Services and Amenities:

Before zeroing in on the PG accommodation ensure that the place offers you basic amenities like WIFI connectivity, uninterrupted power supply, CCTV Cameras, and open living space with interactive common areas.

Quality of Food:

Now that you have identified a place to stay, you will have to focus on the availability of food. Check out if the landlord if offering you all the meals and if there is a choice between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food or if there is a fixed menu. Also, check if the dinner timings are fixed or flexible and whether there is a provision for packed breakfast and lunch.

Restriction of Movement:

Check if there is a curfew time and what is the latest time by which you have to get in. Getting this information is very important in order to avoid future unpleasantness. Before moving in you should be aware of the guest policy as every PG owner has his or her own guest policy.

Stanza Living – Your Second Home

However, in today’s changing scenario the concept of traditional PG accommodation is fast changing to professionally managed accommodation with companies like Stanza Living who have exclusive residences for students offering all the facilities necessary for making life easier. 

These fully-furnished places take care of all your daily living needs under one roof – hygienic and delicious meals, speedy internet, regular laundry and housekeeping, 24×7 security, social distancing, and hygiene of the property and surrounding areas. They also focus on balancing personal zones (rooms and private spaces) with interactive common areas (dining halls, shared kitchens, outdoor spaces, entertainment areas). This creates a healthy mix of privacy and collaboration, without forcing you to adjust in cramped and poorly maintained places.

The rent includes all amenities such as good water supply, security, electricity, internet connectivity, CCTV, excellent food, a friendly environment with fitness centers, and most importantly a clean and sanitized atmosphere.

At this juncture where sanitization and social distancing are mandatory, these companies are following guidelines laid down by the Government taking all necessary precautions in ensuring that their premises are sanitized and those staying in the hostel at the moment have all the facilities provided to them. In a professionally managed accommodation, the main factor which makes it a popular choice is that you can save on both time and energy since all your needs will be met under one roof.

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