90% Indian Ideas Copycats, need to upgrade education system, says Hotmail co-founder

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New Delhi (India), 1st March 2023: The co-founder of Hotmail and the CEO and co-founder of Showreel Sabeer Bhatia while Speaking at the NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Summit 2023 said that the new and upcoming ideas that emerge out of India are copycat ideas.

He further added that the economic atmosphere in India is moving towards a creative front and India is currently not prepared for that. He said, “We are heading towards a creative economy and India is unprepared for that. The education system doesn’t encourage out-of-the-box thinking. I have a solution to create 50-60 million jobs by investing in a million innovative ideas.”

He further bashed the ‘Make in India’ concept and said that it was relevant back in the 1980s. Further he said that even if India attracts multiple manufacturers from other countries it only has a capacity to introduce 100,000 jobs.

The CEO of showreel also stated that India needs to upgrade its education system and bring incentives and programmes for middle-class categories. He said, “We have to prioritise going more to universities instead of small R&D labs. This will connect the academia and R&D labs to the ministry.”

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