A Pledge till eternity – A Poem by Bipin Sharma

A Pledge till eternity

Divine Mother, you are ‘Almighty’ and the ‘Supreme Power’
You are the ‘Mother Universe’ and the ‘Ultimate Truth’
I pray with folded hands and bow down in reverence
You have boundless love and affection for your children
Mother, keep us away from all ‘sins and vices’
And continue guiding me on the “Right Devotional Pathway”
Pardon us in your Royal Court for we have no other door to knock
Pardon me for all follies and blunders done knowingly and unknowingly
I pray with folded hands and bow down in reverence
Pronounce the verdict for you’re the final word
And I shall readily accept that
Who except you realizes our pain and suffering
Who except you rescues us from the typhoon
Thank you for all these “Treasures”
Mother, I fold my hands in total veneration
Mother, I go down on my knees in total admiration
I pray with folded hands to keep me in your refuge forever
This alone would proffer my life a meaning
Life after life, I desire to be seek blessings from your Lotus Feet
Life after life, I shall continue chanting your name
I hail this life as your precious “Gift”
And thus, undertake this pledge to be in your “Service till perpetuity”

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