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Imagine a situation that one of your neighbours goes rogue and creates a disturbance in the neighbourhood. Eventually his behavior worsens and with effrontery he enters your house to abuse, harass, humiliate and hurt you and your family members. What would be the immediate reaction? It is instinctual to stop him, throw him out of the house and inform his family members to restrain his activities. This is exactly what I have inferred from the recent surgical operations carried out by Indian Army. As an ordinary citizen I do not understand the technicalities or intricacies of this subject but broadly speaking, the impression has been to wipe out the troubled spots, rather to wage a war and involve heavy casualties among innocent people of both countries.
Recently there has been a spurt in detrimental activities from across the border. Day in and day out Indian soldiers have laid their life to protect us. My heart bleeds for the futility of such a supreme sacrifice.
We as a nation have endured and waited for the sensibility to prevail over fanaticism. We have exercised a self imposed restraint over war, as war is not viable solution for any problem, however justified it may look. War has never done any good to any nation; still war can be classified as evitable wars and inevitable wars. Evitable wars are waged for a vested interest whereas inevitable wars are fought out of compulsion in self defence.
India seems to have taken some coherent steps in the recent times to put a stop to the lethal activities of extremists. Let us hope the efforts are paid and peace prevails.

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