A webinar on “Cost-Effective Alternatives to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace” was held by Synersoft Technologies.

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13th October 2022: Synersoft Technologies, an Indian IT company, conducted a webinar on “Cost-Effective Alternatives of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365”. This webinar intended the platform to assess the current situation in India’s Email and Cloud services market.

Vishal Prakash Shah, the Co-Founder and CEO of Synersoft, one of the speakers at the webinar, raised serious concerns over recent escalations in pricing by dominant cloud infrastructure providers like Google and Microsoft. He stated that a few players dominate India’s email and cloud infrastructure industry. The panel agreed that most corporate India and MSMEs depend on these services to maintain business continuity and communicate worldwide.

Many participants from the MSME sector confirmed that such price escalations on these essential services indirectly affect their profitability.

The webinar kicked off with a note that there is a need to educate corporate India and MSMEs about alternative products which could be affordable and equally effective. The session further discussed specific alternative technologies that can serve the purpose without compromising functionality. The session was divided into information about alternatives, sharing cost-benefit analysis, and helping enterprise owners make informed decisions.

The webinar covered the following topics:

1.   Product and feature analysis of different versions of Google Workspace and MS 365

2.   The cost implication of these services over the next five years

3.   Equivalent alternatives to Cloud Drive, Mailbox, DLP, Security, and Virtualization services provided by dominant players

4.   Cost-Benefit Analysis of Alternative services compared to the services provided by dominant players

5.   Live Question-Answer session to clear the doubts and queries

Sudhir Chaubey, Co-Founder of Synersoft, led the session with an exciting number analysis. Vishal Prakash Shah led the session with a team of technical experts who demonstrated the alternative technologies. It established that alternative technologies could save upto 80% of the recurring cost compared to these services. The session explained the substitutes for cloud drives, mailboxes, and cloud security services.

The webinar was well participated by the leading industrialists, professionals and executives from the MSME sector. They unanimously appreciated the webinar topic as the need for an hour. They confirmed the usefulness of such knowledge-sharing sessions for Indian businesses so that they are not victims of cartel or monopolistic practices and are well-informed about their options. The webinar ended with an insightful conclusion suggesting that BLACKbox OneCloud is a simple and affordable cloud service designed for MSMEs and can prove to be a vital substitute for the services provided by dominant players in the cloud industry in India. Sudhir Chaubey concluded the session with a vote of thanks and informed the audience that such webinars are Synersoft’s commitment to equipping Indian businesses with relevant knowledge and information.

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