A world divided by terrorism hurts the basis for the formation of UN: PM Modi at UNGA

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A world divided by terrorism hurts the basis for the formation of UN.

If we look through the history and on the base of per capita emissions, India’s contribution to global warming has been very less.

India has strengthened the belief of universal brotherhood.

"Jan Kalyan with the help Jan Bhagidari our motto,"

We are working to make India TB-free by 2025

The world’s largest democracy voted for my govt & me. We came back to power with a bigger majority and because of this mandate I am here today.

When a developing country runs the world’s largest digital identification program, ensures its citizens’ rights, ends corruption, the system created along with it presents a new hope to the world.

We are running a massive campaign to stop single-use plastic in India.

When a developing country, successfully runs the world’s biggest health insurance scheme, giving 500 million people the facility of an annual health cover of Rs 500,000 for free treatment, the achievements and responsive systems that result from this scheme show the world a new path.

"This opportunity to address UNGA is special because this year world is celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

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