Absstem Technologies introduces ‘Absstem Shield’ to provide maintenance for oxygen generators fallen into disuse

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New Delhi, 28.10.2022: Absstem Technologies, a leading medical technology provider and medical gas generator manufacturer has come up with a new initiative called Absstem Shield, under which Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts (CMC) will be offered for oxygen generators. 

The devastating nationwide second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic saw hospitals, across the country, installing pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation plants, to ensure adequate supply for Covid-19 patients. However, with the demand for oxygen in hospitals across the country going back to nearly pre-pandemic times, Absstem Shield, with its top-class maintenance services, will now ensure these plants don’t become obsolete and non-functional in times of need.

Now that the wave is almost over, the questions of maintenance of these machines have begun to crop up. Maintaining the PSA plants is a huge task at hand. For this, Absstem Shield has roped in expert professionals, engineers, and technicians for the repair and maintenance of PSA plants and VPSA plants. 

Commenting on the launch of this novel venture, Amit Kumar, National Service Head of Absstem Technologies said, “The primary issues at hand in most states are that majority of generators are either having inconsistent output purity levels of oxygen or just deteriorating remaining idle. When installed through uncertified channels, we are getting the feedback that most machines aren’t delivering the desired oxygen purity levels at all times, or just expensive spares taking at least a month to replace. They are expensive machines. They are built to last for a very long time. This only happens when the machine is running and well-maintained. As a large number of these generators are entering their second year of operations, warranties are expected to end. Absstem Shield plans include AMCs that include constant monitoring, monthly status updates, on-site visits and one of the quickest turn-around times in the country. Under the CMC plans, you don’t ever have any additional or hidden expenses even if the entire device needs replacement. We currently have over 50 field engineers dispatched all across the country with the sole reason to make sure that we help revive as many oxygen generators as possible. At Absstem, we take pride in the level of quality products and services we provide. With Absstem Shield, we’ve once again come together, armed with technological expertise and a process-driven approach, to create solutions for the greater good.”

Absstem Technologies had shown capacity and resilience in their handling of the COVID-19 situation, deploying their field marshals even in the face of danger. With Absstem Shield, the company is now aiming to address the maintenance gap that most hospitals are facing, as a failure to run oxygen machines can lead to degradation and eventually comatose. 

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