Academicians propose using AI, training teachers for swift implementation of NEP 2022

Noida, 9 August 2022: Sahodaya School Complex, NCR (East) had organised the Leader’s Convention 2022 on August 6 for all the academicians and school leaders to share their experiences and perspectives with others to learn from.

At the event, the academic experts talked about the importance of the inclusion of core values in schools and also addressed if artificial intelligence should have a role in educating children.

The President of Sahodaya School Complex, NCR (East), Deepti Sharma outlined that they have raised issues on how NEP 2022 can be executed along with the curriculum and how they can utilise the tips and tricks given in the NEP in their schools in the proper way. “We have addressed how AI can be used in favour of NEP 2022 and the teachers should be trained to teach in accordance with the National Education Policy 2022,” she added.

Addressing the teacher’s optimal requirement for training, she responded, “you are either a teacher by choice or chance. If you are a teacher by chance, you should leave this profession as they lack passion and are unwilling to attend training sessions. They are doing no good to themselves or others.”

While Dr Ram Shankar, Director (Training), CBSE assured us that they are religiously devoted to the training and development of the teachers as students can be well-educated only when the teachers are well-educated. “Now that NEP 2022 has been introduced, in accordance to which we need to equip the teachers well,” he said.

“Keeping this in mind, we have introduced a training unit for the teachers. In this, we are trying to understand and extend training according to their requirements and needs. We are also undertaking an impact analysis to understand the teacher’s intellect and perception,” said Shankar.

The event was attended by Dr Ram Shankar, Director (Training), CBSE, Roopali Dhawan, Head Education HT Media Ltd., Deepti Sharma, President of Sahodaya School Complex, NCR (East), Gurpreet Singh, Secretary of Sahodaya School Complex, NCR (East), Gunjan Bansal, Treasurer of Sahodaya School Complex, NCR (East), Deepa Bhatt, PRO of Sahodaya School Complex, NCR (East) among others.

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