Adele is working out ‘three times a day’ in gruelling weight loss bid

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Los Angeles, Jan 30 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Adele has revealed that she is now working out two or three times a day after losing a whopping 44 kgs.

The ‘Someone Like You’ singer, 35, has shared an insight into her gruelling workout routine as she aims to maintain a “rock solid” derrière after completely overhauling her lifestyle and diet a number of years ago and transforming her appearance, reports ‘’.

While she remains strict with her routine six days a week, the British singer allows herself to indulge on Sundays when she orders her favourite takeaway and insists on not stepping foot in the gym to make the most of her rest day.

However, from Monday to Saturday, Adele doesn’t sway from her strict diet and exercise schedule as she aims to look and feel the best she ever has.

Having previously gone teetotal, Adele now drinks on occasion – and makes the most of it when she does after admitting that she loves nothing more than getting “hammered” on her favourite alcoholic beverage – white wine.

As per ‘’, Adele has another six months to look forward to in Las Vegas as she finishes off her residency, but the singer is allowing herself to indulge in more fun when it comes to her lifestyle outside of work.

Opening up about her new routine, the ‘Hello’ hitmaker revealed, “I have done absolutely nothing since last weekend. I am back at my gym grind like nobody’s business, I am doing two or three sessions a day. My a*** is getting rock solid again. I can move mountains with my bottom. That is all I have done”.

It’s all about balance for the singer though, as she enjoys nothing more than pigging out on Sundays.

She told Desert Island Discs: “I gave up drinking, coffee and all the fun things being an adult allows you to do. I was so boring. So on my last break I was like, ‘I will have a glass of wine and four espressos’. So now I am back on shows, I am only allowing myself to drink on Sundays.”

“But it is okay. Four or five white wine spritzers get me absolutely hammered and also I order McDonalds and forget the next day so it doesn’t really count,” she added.



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