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Adnan Sami on surgical strikes: Because you couldn’t do it, I had to enter your house and do it

Adnan Sami on surgical strikes: Because you couldn’t do it, I had to enter your house and do it

 While not naming anyone, Sami made his displeasure clear on many Pakistani artists choosing to stay quiet on terrorism and terror attacks in India.

Adnan Sami, whose tweet supporting the Indian’s Army’s surgical strikes in Pakistan has kicked up a storm on the social media, was at ease answering questions on everything under the sun, from Pakistan to purely music at the Safaigiri Awards 2016 today.

His contribution to Swachhta is following green practices on a daily basis – along the lines of separating paper and plastic. He added, “We need to get rid of the idea ki koi aur kar lega. If we don’t take the responsibility, we can’t expect others too.”

Drawing an analogy between garbage and terrorism, Sami, who is now an Indian citizen, said, “If I see garbage flowing from my neighbour’s house and entering my house, I will complain against it to my neighbour”.

Adding on to it, he said that he will wait for a few days for his neighour to take some action against it. After that “I will enter his house and clean the garbage myself”, the singer said.

On this act infuriating the neighbour, the singer had the perfect answer: “Because you couldn’t clean the garbage, I had to enter your house and clean it”.

Talking about his tweet, the singer said, “It was straight from my heart”. His tweet “@AdnanSamiLive Big Congratulations to @PMOIndia & our brave Armed forces for a brilliant, successful & mature strategic strike against #terrorism ! #Salute” while earning him supporters in India had riled people in Pakistan.

“It is not important where the strike took place, but why it took place,” Sami said about the strike. “This is a strike to eliminate terror camps, be it on any side of the border,” the singer said, whose father was a 1965 war hero in Pakistan.

On being labelled a super villian in Pakistan, Sami said “he forgives them”.

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