Advocate Prashant Mali’s expert views on Aadhar Judgement Aadhaar #socialmedia #cybersecurity #Aadhaarverdict

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1. Private companies no longer permitted to demand Aadhaar data
2. National Security exception struck down
3. Bring in robust Data Protection Law
4. 33(1) read down
5. Aadhaar constitutionally valid. Purpose of the Act legitimate
6. NO Indian can be denied his or her right for lack of Aadhaar
7. Aadhaar NOT mandatory for school admissions, exams.
8. NO child can be denied access to a govt scheme for lack of Aadhaar
9. Aadhaar MANDATORY for PAN card/IT return filing.
10. Section 57 Struck Down.
Balanced Judgement

My Question :
What happens to Aadhaar Data lying If any with Telecom, Banks or any Private agencies?

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