Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to happen as planned with elaborate medical arrangements!




New Delhi: Procam international, promoters of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM), outlined arrangements that will be put in place for the 35,000 participants for Sunday, 19th November along with medical facilities and the route at a media conference at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Wednesday.


The Technical Press meet was adressed by Hugh Jones (Race Director), ADHM,Dr Krishlay Datta, Medical Director, Rajeev Ranjan, Deputy Commissioner, Traffic, Central Range and Vivek Singh, Jt. MD, Procam lnternational.

Adressing to Media, Dr Kishlay Datta Medical Director, stated that, “For the 2017 edition of the event, we recommend runners especially those who have a history of respiratory illnesses (like Asthma, COPD) to consult their doctors and make an informed decision before running”.

For the benefit of the runners, six medical stations are deployed across the course and seven ambulances are located at various junctions like Lodhi Road & Bishma Pitamah Marg junction, Mathura Road, Subramanim Bharti Marg, Zakir Hussain Marg and India Gate, Rajpath & Janpath, Red Cross and Sansad Marg. There will be Bike Responders and Medics on Bikes who will be able to alleviate any issues faced on race day.

With the detailed Medical deployment, and trained personnel, the team is well-equipped to handle any medical emergencies that any runner may face. On race day, all those participating in the run have been given clear medical instructions as to their health and safety and have been advised to seek medical help if they have breathing difficulties.

The six medical stations and two base camps on route supervised by 75 doctors, 50 physiotherapists and over 100 nurses. There will be one Base Camp at the Start and Finish of the Half Marathon and the Great
Delhi Run and the second base camp at the Start/Finish of the Senior Citizens’ Run.

To keep all participants sufficiently hydrated there will be 12 water stations along the route, from where around 98,000 litres of Bisleri water will be distributed. There will be 5 ORSL restoration stations on the course and chocolates and salted oranges for the participants.



ADHM is inherently a green event as vehicles are kept off the road (pre and during race) which directly
addresses the Passenger & Freight contributors. To address the urban dust and particulate matter water is being deployed, Dust & vehicular pollutants would be addressed directly on the course and holding area.


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