‘AI’s recent success calls for re-examination of ideas like creativity and what it means to be human’

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New Delhi (India), 4th June 2023: Kailash Nadh, CTO of Zerodha, characterises himself as a “absurdist” with a “bleak view of the future,” and feels that AI’s recent success calls for a re-examination of ideas like creativity, originality, and, most crucially, what it means to be human.

Conversational chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT and Bard have grown in popularity over the previous six months.

Their emergence, however, has sparked various concerns about AI governance, the lack of transparency into the inner workings of these “black box” models that generate human-like replies, and the possible influence on creative disciplines such as writing, music, film, and digital art.

During a recent conversation he was asked whether the request put up by OpenAI and it’s CEO, Sam Altman that calls for an authority to regulate Artificial Intelligence just like Nuclear Weapons was a good idea, to this he replied that, “I don’t think signing a global pact saying that certain countries will not develop AI would be meaningful. The good actors might stop there, but the bad actors and rogue actors will happily continue building stuff.”

He said that as building an AI and a GPT is easy and anyone with an access to a computer can do so, hence it becomes exponentially harder to regulate the technology.

He further said, “OpenAI has been saying that there has to be heavy regulation and even suggested licensing schemes for AI development. I think most voices out there are critical of OpenAI’s stance because of its conflict of interest.”

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