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Akhilesh alleges UP govt hiding actual Covid death toll

Source: PTI

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Lucknow, Jun 22: Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday accused the Uttar Pradesh government of hiding the actual number of deaths due to COVID-19.

Through this, he said, the BJP government is actually hiding its face.

Yadav’s remarks came a day after a report claimed that the death toll due to COVID-19 in 24 districts of Uttar Pradesh from July 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 was up to 43 times higher than the official figures.

Its findings are based on a comparison of the official death toll in these districts during the nine-month period with the excess deaths registered in the state’s Civil Registration System (CRS).

The mortality data was accessed through a Right to Information (RTI) application.

In a tweet in Hindi, Yadav said, “According to information accessed through the Right to Information, it has come to light that the death toll in 24 districts of Uttar Pradesh in the nine months of the pandemic till March 31, 2021 is up to 43 times higher than the government figures.”

“Actually, the BJP government is not hiding the death figures but its face,” he said.

Later, in a statement issued here on Tuesday by the SP, Yadav said, “The publicity of the Poorvanchal Expressway has been done much, but the reality is that its construction is moving like ‘Birbal kee khichdi’ (very slow pace).” He also raised a question as to when it will be ready.

“In the first rain itself, without any vehicle moving on it, cracks have developed on the expressway at more than 50 places in Ghazipur, Mau and Azamgarh. This is an example of poor quality construction. The Poorvanchal Expressway was started by the SP government. When the SP was in power, it had constructed the Agra-Lucknow Expressway in two years. The BJP, by its policies, has ravaged the politics of development. Its politics of destruction has put a question before the democratic system. Its so-called cultural nationalism is an old trick to mislead,” Yadav said in the statement.

The SP chief also claimed that the BJP has not done any work in the past four-and-half years, and it has no work, which it can count as its own.

“The BJP has adopted divisive politics, and has encouraged it. It spreads hatred, while the Samajwadi Party is committed to development and harmony,” Yadav said in the statement.

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