Amazon CEO Andy Jassy expresses optimism about e-com investment in India

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Mumbai (Maharashtra), 5th Feb 2023: In a recent virtual event hosted by the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy spoke about the e-commerce industry in India and the future of online retail.

Jassy stated that although the investment in India’s e-commerce market has been slow, it is set to bear fruit in the long run.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by the industry, such as the complex regulations and lack of infrastructure, but remained optimistic about the future. Jassy said that the Indian e-commerce market has immense potential and is poised for growth in the coming years.

He mentioned that the current pandemic has accelerated the shift towards online shopping, and this trend is likely to continue in the future.

Jassy praised the Indian government’s efforts to support the growth of e-commerce and digital economy. He mentioned that initiatives like the National Digital Communications Policy and the National Logistics Policy will go a long way in making e-commerce more accessible and affordable for consumers across the country.

Jassy also spoke about the role of technology in the e-commerce industry and the importance of innovation. He said that companies need to constantly evolve and adapt to new technologies to remain relevant in the market. He added that Amazon is committed to investing in India’s e-commerce market and helping small businesses grow through its platform.

The Amazon CEO also touched upon the role of startups in the e-commerce industry. He said that startups play a crucial role in driving innovation and competition in the market. Jassy emphasized that Amazon is committed to supporting startups in India and helping them reach their full potential.

In conclusion, Jassy stated that the e-commerce industry in India is set to experience tremendous growth in the coming years. He said that investment in this sector will bear fruit in the long run, and companies need to remain focused on innovation and technology to stay ahead in the game. The Indian e-commerce market has a bright future, and Amazon is fully committed to supporting its growth, he added.

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