Ankur Tewari: ‘Coke Studio Bharat’ S2 weaves rich threads of our cultural mosaic

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Mumbai, Feb 7 (IANS) Musician and songwriter Ankur Tewari, who serves as the creative architect of the ‘Coke Studio Bharat’ season two, has opened up on his enriching association, and shared that it will “weave together the rich threads of our cultural mosaic.”

Alongside this creative force, there will be prominent lyricist Swanand Kirkire, joining the distinguished lyricist Kausar Munir and award-winning sound engineer and music producer K.J. Singh.

Sharing his thoughts on the new season, Ankur said: “As we embark on the second season of Coke Studio Bharat after a fantastic first run, let the music speak, weaving together the rich threads of our cultural mosaic. Get ready for another season filled with soulful tunes and vibrant melodies.”

“In the vast realm of music, the fusion of diverse tunes becomes a grand celebration of emotions and cultures. My association with Coke Studio Bharat has been enriching and has brought me profound joy, as it unfolds as a dynamic arena where a multitude of musical threads interweave, crafting a symphony that resonates with the intricate hues of our collective human narrative,” added Ankur.

The ‘Coke Studio Bharat’ season two introduces a fusion of talents like Shreya Ghoshal, Diljit Dosanjh, Neha Kakkar, MC Square, Digvijay Singh, Kanishk Seth, Cyli Khare, Mohito, Komorebi, The Quick Style, Ikky, Raf Sappera and many more.

It promises to create a sonic journey that transcends boundaries, celebrating the rich diversity of India’s musical landscape.

Building on the international acclaim garnered by ‘Coke Studio Bharat’ season 1, featuring viral tracks like ‘Khalasi’, ‘Holi Re Rasiya’ and ‘Kya Karie Korimol’, the season two will bring a fresh perspective to its core idea of ‘Apna Sunao’- an idea that empowers voices and stories from the heartland of India to take their rightful places with global audiences.

With a focus on Gen Z and their emotional spectrum, this season delves into themes of happiness, sadness, and fast-paced lives, promising an immersive journey through soul-stirring songs that resonate as the quintessential soundtrack to our lives.

Arnab Roy, vice president, marketing Coca-Cola India, and Southwest Asia said: “We will strive to provide a platform to emerging, independent artists this season in partnership with some established iconic names. The soundtracks have been curated to capture the spirit of a young, energetic and optimistic Bharat.”

Devraj Sanyal, chairman and CEO, India & South Asia, SVP Strategy- AMEA, Universal Music Group shared: “Coke Studio Bharat Season 1 surpassed our expectations, garnering immense love and appreciation on Songs like ‘Khalasi,’ ‘Holi Re Rasiya,’ and ‘Kya Karie Korimol’ that seamlessly integrated into the ever-changing soundscape of our nation, propelled by the influence of Gen Z and Gen Alpha. The success can be attributed to the exceptional storytelling and musical integrity.”

“As we embark on Season 2, our commitment is to elevate creativity and consistency in the synergy of music and artistry. The resonance of Bharat’s sound has transcended borders, celebrating global recognition and that brings us immense joy, fortifying our mission and purpose on a grand scale,” concluded Sanyal.

The first song of the season will be ‘Magic’ by Diljit, which will go live on February 9.



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