APP attacks Gautam Gambhir over his remarks on free schemes, Gambhir hits back

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New Delhi : As Delhi assembly elections are coming nearer, the verbal battles are becoming more fierce between Bhartiya Janta Party & Aam Aadmi Party. Today while addressing press, senior leader Sanjay Singh attacked BJP’s Gautam Gambhir over his recent remarks where he stated that people don’t understand the value of services that are available for free to them.

Sanjay Singh targeted Gambhir and said “If Gautam Gambhir is against free services given to the public of Delhi but he himself enjoys 50,000 free units of electricity and other facilities that an MP is entitled to. So I think if he is against free services which benefits the poor, first he should surrender the free facilities including 50,000 units of electricity that an MP is entitled to.”

As the statement flashed in media, Gautam Gambhir immediately came for his own rescue and took twitter to respond back. In a series of tweets, he wrote, “I have NEVER said that POOR should not get free services. Only that people who CAN afford should be charged a nominal amount!!”

“FYI – I have not taken a single govt benefit in 8 months unlike your hypocrite CM who had been advertising himself at the taxpayers’ expense for 5 yrs.” He added.

In the second tweet puting a pic of newspaper with the headline, ‘Arvind Kejriwal asked for bungalow he had refused’ he wrote “Those who cannot afford should get the best services free of cost! No doubt about that!”

But what would you call a person who swore to remain an ‘AAM AADMl’ but is now enjoying all perquisites – bungalows, cars and more.

I guess such hypocrite is called a Jhootliwal!!”

Earlier also Delhi Dy CM Manish Sisodia had attacked BJP alleging BJP of insulting the people of Delhi by calling them “freeloaders” and said BJP is against the city government’s free schemes to the people. He also urged people to listen to the BJP leaders carefully.

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