April Fair Delhi 2024 Launched with Dazzling Success

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Greater Noida, 20 April 2024: The highly anticipated April Fair Delhi 2024 commenced with a spectacular inaugural ceremony at the India Expo Centre & Mart. The fair was inaugurated by the Chief Guest of the event, Sh. Santosh Kumar Sarangi, Additional Secretary and Director General of Foreign Trade (GoI). He graced the inaugural edition alongside prominent figures such as Sh. Dileep Baid, Chairman of the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Chairman of India Exposition Mart Limited (IEML), Sh. R. K. Verma, Executive Director of EPCH and other distinguished guests who also participated in the concurrent Cross-Border E-Commerce Conclave on the fringes of the tri-market fair, April Fair Delhi.


In his keynote address at the conclave, Mr. Sarangi discussed critical trends in the e-commerce industry, highlighting the growth of cross-border trade. He remarked, “With global trade of merchandise in e-commerce reaching $3 trillion, and $7.5 trillion in services, it’s evident that India, while trailing behind nations like South Korea in e-commerce exports, has immense potential. Initiating cross-border e-commerce over the last few years sets us on the path to achieving a trillion-dollar export goal, contingent on stakeholder confidence in our export capabilities. He commended the variety and quality of products at the fair’s stalls and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem for exports.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, in his welcome speech, described IEML’s role as a business-to-business facilitator, emphasising the need for co-dependence and aligned value chains across industries where India is a significant global player. He asserted, “Adopting an industry-specific approach could substantially increase India’s share in the global market due to the rising competitiveness of various sectors.”


Sh. Dileep Baid praised the India Expo Centre & Mart for its swift and efficient organization of the fair, acknowledging the visionary efforts of Dr. Kumar and his team. He noted, “E-commerce presents numerous opportunities alongside challenges. This conclave allows us to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth, underscoring the pivotal role of e-commerce in the future marketplace.”


The conclave featured multiple insightful sessions, including a case study on ‘ExpoBazaar B2B Cross Border E-commerce: What, Why, and How?’ to shed light on the emergence of ExpoBazaar in the e-commerce arena. Other sessions focused on ‘Unlocking Global Markets,’ ‘Future Trends & Innovations Shaping the Cross Border E-commerce Landscape,’ and ‘Optimizing Your Supply Chain for Efficient E-commerce Exports,’ among others. The event also hosted workshops led by experts on topics such as ‘The Future of E-commerce with Artificial Intelligence,’ ‘The Importance of Compliance and Quality Inspections,’ and ‘Unlock Your Global Potential with Amazon Global Selling.’


The April Fair Delhi drew an impressive attendance of over 1,100 participants, including international and domestic buyers, buying agents, retailers, and corporate representatives. Ambassadors from various countries were also present. The day concluded with a gala dinner and cultural evening at the ExpoInn Hotel, providing an ideal networking opportunity for Mart owners to engage with potential buyers.


This successful first day set a dynamic tone for the April Fair, marked by robust interaction and numerous significant events at the India Expo Centre & Mart.

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